Meet Camie Risinger

Owner + Lead Designer

The Short Version:
entrepreneur; lover of all things creative + design; wife of Steve + momma to Eisley, Lola, + Ezra; romantic, visionary, ingenious, thoughtful friend

What you really want to know:
I was made by God. And I was made for Him.
So, don't let it surprise you when you find His name laced throughout this website or when I talk about Him during our consultation. He is the Creator who simply said a WORD and things formed. I can't help but be in awe of that because I straight up toil to form the images in my brain into realities in front of your eyes. I create because He first created. I love because He first loved. I really do believe that everything is spiritual. Your people and your places and what you put in your house and on your body (and in your body) all matter.

I love words. I love music. I love rhythms and patterns and textures. I thoroughly enjoy the cathartic release of emotional expression through creativity.

I don't so much mind anymore the vulnerability it brings because I've learned to rest in the fact that I'm doing what I've been made to do. I can welcome critique because I know it is for my good, and it is ultimately for God's glory. I've learned to stop lugging around the guilt of missing the mark, because those are the times that teach me and change me so that I can be full of gratitude when I (by God's grace) get it right.

I was born and raised a southerner hailing from West Memphis, AR. But my life's journey so far has led me to living in central Arkansas for college, a year abroad the United States which is where I met my husband, and Northwest Arkansas to prepare for our marriage. We spent 6.5 years in the great Midwest in central Illinois building our family, careers, and most importantly God's kingdom. Most recently, however, we spent a chapter in our family's life with a surprising move back to the South. Going back to my roots in the Greater Memphis area was kinda like living in the Twilight Zone. Everything had changed yet all of it had somehow stayed the same. I worked really hard to enunciate well among my Midwestern friends those 6.5 years. (Believe it or not, people really did assume that I was unintelligent simply because of my southern drawl.) But I have to admit that moving back to my old stomping grounds gloriously ruined my dialect by resorting back to my crazy southern lingo. And NOW! Now we are back in the Land of Lincoln for what looks to be like an indefinite stint. (...but God, right?!)

When I talk and write about the things that I am the most passionate about, I get a little serious and a lot emotional. But really, if you had to ask my friends and family what I was like, they would tell you that I'm a goofball. I'm a sucker for a good laugh just as much as I love an ingenious idea. They might mention that I have an athletic streak in me that is currently appeased by CrossFit. They might also tell you that I am imaginative and resourceful in finding ways to help people see and meet their personal as well as design potential. Not only that, but they might tell you that my desire to see potential is driven by compassion. My heart behind this venture isn't just about self-betterment or one-upping the next guy, or uh, girl. ;) I want my clients to be confident in who they have been made to be with their aesthetic, their living space, their body type, their hair texture, their facial features. When they are settled in that, not just hyped up on self-centered confidence, but truly resting assured in who they are so much so that they don't even think of themselves anymore, THEN they become a person whose demeanor and places radiate and welcome and draw people in so that others feel safe and can be extended the same grace they've received. Oh Amazing Grace! How sweet it is. I was placed on this earth and given this job so that you can see how amazingly sweet it is too.