The Shoot

 We can talk all we want, but when it comes down to it, it is better to let our work speak for itself … Are we right?!  We wanted to be able to give you a visual representation of our work, so we thought a photo shoot would be a great way to show you what we do! We held a casting call for three models from various age groups, and these lovely ladies were chosen to participate:

We were so thrilled that these gorgeous gals (inside AND out!!) were willing to spend a Saturday morning giving us the freedom to work. it.

While, yes, we wanted to showcase our talents, we also were able to give some helpful and encouraging tips and tricks as we worked! Here's a little snipet of what our models took away from our time together:

"I learned so much about working with the clothes, make up, and hair I already have. I learned great tips that I'm now putting into practice daily."


"I learned so much about applying make-up to a "maturing" face."


Our amazingly talented photographer, Julie Morr, captured some priceless moments. These women were truly  glowing. You could see the confidence wash over their entire being as we finished up each makeover. These before + afters are just a little teaser of some huge things to come. so ... 

Stay. Tuned. FOR MORE!