Dollie Byrd Photoshoot

We were approached by the lovely Jacque Austin of Jacque Austin Photography & Graphic Design to collaborate on a gorgeous photoshoot featuring clothing items created by design student Ashlie Antrim.

We. Were. Honored. Duh!!

The Fall-themed clothing line, called Dollie Byrd, includes a textured black tea-length skirt, a grey tunic with a black Peter Pan collar, and a hunter green back-buttoned cardigan. Gorgeous pieces worn separate AND pieced together! 

I (Leesha) had the privilege of working with both Jacque and Ashlie, as well as their lovely model Ollie. 
We went with a strong eye and a berry colored lip to go with the Fall look. Ollie's winter white skin looked gorgeous with just a flush of pink on her cheeks. I accentuated her shaved hairstyle, and gave her a voluminous side-swept 'do.
Take a look at the skills of L|W:

You can check out Jacque's website: