l|w: august faves

Hey everyone! We just wanted to take a few minutes to share some products we've been loving this past month! 

Leesha's Picks:

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
I got a sample sized tube in my August Ipsy bag and am already in LOVE. This mascara literally thickens each individual lash. Since my lashes are fairly thick as it is, I honestly only use one coat. But with a couple coats, someone with very thin lashes could achieve the same look! The formula is BLACK. The full size tube is $22 at Ulta, but I feel that it is worth. it. 

 KMS Hot Flex Creme
I recently re-discovered this gem. This Creme is a great heat protectant/moisturizer all in one! I would recommend this especially for people with dry, overworked, chemically treated (colored) hair. I put it on my hair when it is damp. It locks in moisture and makes your hair feel so. dang. healthy! What's even better is that when you are ready to blow dry and/or style, the heat protectant  is already built in! You can find the KMS California brand at Ulta (or find a hairstylist friend to snag ya one at the supply house!) 
Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream
This stuff is PERFECT for everyday wear. This beauty balm combines hydration with coverage, and throws in some Vitamin C in there as well. It also has an SPF 20. Applying this to your face just like a moisturizer makes it super quick. I like to apply a face powder right over top just to blend it out and to really work it onto my face. The tube is huge, so $11 for this is a STEAL. 
Maybelline Clean Express! Makeup Remover Wipes
So, yes. These are great for removing your makeup..especially on those nights you do NOT feel like washing your face. (We all have those, right??) Another awesome use for these..quick brush cleaning! If you simply swirl your face and eye brushes around on one of these bad boys after applying your makeup, you can go much longer between an actual cleaning. These wipes are oil free, but are also moisturizing, so they won't dry out your bristles (or your face!!) and leave them brittle. 
NYX Butter Gloss
I have the shade Peaches & Cream (pictured) and it's perfect. I'm not a huge gloss girl, but this stuff is awesome! It's not sticky or tacky, it literally just feels creamy like butter--like it's called! There are TONS of shades to choose from, and from what I can tell they are fairly opaque. $5? Umm..OK!!!

Have you guys used any of these products?? How do you feel about them? 

Happy September everyone!!! (Holy cow...it's almost SEPTEMBER!)