DIY: graphic glitter tank

What You’ll Need:
Tank (or tee)
Wax Paper
Foam brush
Glitter fabric paint
Loose glitter

Bam! Check out those good looking supplies. *Not pictured is the cardboard and foam brush! Sorry!* You can get everything from Wal-Mart that you need to finish the project for around $8. My tank was a plain white loose fit Danskin tank for $3. Obviously the glitter and paint color are up to you. Gold is trending and a bit more edgy, so that’s what I went with!

What To Do With Supplies:
1. Depending on how large your want your glitter graphic to be, tear off at least an 8x12 piece of wax paper.
2. For your graphic to be nice and symmetrical, fold the paper in half and cut out half of your shape. (For example: Recall cutting out paper hearts for Valentine’s day? We’re going with that method.) You can get crazy and do some awesome snowflake origami business. OR you can keep it simple and do a heart or triangle.
3. Insert piece of card into tank, placing it under the area to be ironed with your newly cut wax paper. Then iron the paper into place. Make sure you focus on the edges of your shape to ensure adhesion so that no paint gets through.
4. After you paper cools, apply one generous coat of glitter paint. IF you would like for your graphic to be opaque, you are more than welcome to paint a solid color underneath. I, however, thought it to look a bit more chic with just sheer bling.
5. Before paint dries, carefully sprinkle your glitter of choice over the painted area to produce more bling. Honestly this step is optional, BUT I think it helps the glitter effect to really pop.
6. After the first coat dries, repeat steps 4 and 5 until desired amount of bling is achieved, and then WEAR THAT BAD BOY!!!

Reppin’ those tanks with my girl Katy from

Have fun creating, and show us some pictures of your creations when they’re done!!! #luxewise #glittertank

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