freebie friday!

We are always SO thankful when Friday rolls around. So to celebrate the weekends and set the tone for our hopeful happy rest, we are going to start doing one Freebie Friday a month. Freebies will be anything from free advice to free downloads! So check in with us to see what you can get for $free.99!

This Friday we have THREE for free! Three different graphics are available for you to download as wallpapers for your iPhone! Enjoy, friends.

But How Do I Make This My Phone’s Wallpaper?

1. Right click on the graphic you wish to download and select Save Image to “Downloads”.
2. Send an email to YOURSELF with the downloaded image as an attachment.
3. Open your email on your phone and download the attachment or save it to your camera roll.
4. Go to your Settings app and select Wallpapers & Brightness.
5. Select Choose New Wallpaper and pick your image from your camera roll!