toners: hydrate your skin!


It's not that far away!! (Which kind of freaks me out with my June due date!!!!)

Vacations with plane rides, AC, the heat of the sun... Your skin is going to be dying for a nice refreshment. But I have a couple of friends I'd like you to meet.

The first thing that USED to come to my mind when I'd hear the word "toner" was that tingly feeling. I just assumed that all toners would sting your face (which honestly, I kind of like). Yes, those are toners, but just one TYPE of toner. Those are Astringents.

Astringents contain a large percentage of alcohol -- which is what causes the stinging. Usually recommended for oily skin, these toners help (or in some cases hurt) by drying out the skin. If you use an astringent, be sure to use at least a mild moisturizer to eliminate the chance of over drying.

But, we ain't talking astringents today! I want to give you a couple options to rehydrate your skin, not dry it out.

These milder toners usually contain a humectant. A humectant helps to keep the moisture in the skin. One popular humectant is rosewater, which leads me to my first toner friend:

Lush is a company who makes "effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics." You can read ALL about Lush here, including their story, the ingredients that they use, their fight against animal cruelty, creating vegan products, and much more.

There are only TWO active ingredients in the Eau Roma Water! Rose. and Lavender.

Rosewater, as we mentioned before, is responsible for the moisturizing. It is also somewhat "cooling". The lavender is the ingredient that helps your skin produce the natural oils that it needs to continue to stay moisturized long after use.

You can read more about the Eau Roma Water here!

How I use the Eau Roma Water:
1. I usually cleanse my face (morning and at night) like normal to begin. After patting dry with a hand towel, I will mist the toner all over my face and neck. After letting my face air dry, I follow with a moisturizer.

2. Throughout the day, I mist the toner right over top of my makeup to "refresh" my skin. You can use it really ANY time that you want.

The aroma is so calming that I LOVE using it right before bedtime.

You can also follow the link above to purchase this lovely toner! I purchased the smaller bottle (3.3 oz.) for around $10 in a Lush store near Chicago. You can find a list of locations on the website, or simply order online! I've had mine for over 2 months and have yet to really make a dent in it, so I recommend starting with the smaller bottle. Test it out and see if you like it before purchasing the larger one!

And next we have:

Boots is a drugstore in the UK, similar to CVS or Walgreens. Expert is Boots' line of skincare. However, you can find these products at Target!

This toner contains aloe vera, making it very soothing. It's unscented and hypoallergenic, which is perfect for all types of skin -- especially sensitive!

How I use the Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner:
1. I like to use a cotton pad and swipe the toner all over my face in the morning. It is nice to wipe away all of the oils that have collected on my skin throughout the night! Very refreshing. I follow with a moisturizer.

2. I will use this toner after regular cleansing as well (usually alternating with the Eau Roma Water), followed by a moisturizer.

3. I sometimes use this toner as a makeup remover. You know we all have those nights where we don't feel like washing our faces. Ain't nobody got time for that! ..At least this makes me feel a little better about laying my face onto my pillow!

This toner is very light, but very hydrating!

The Expert toner is VERY reasonably priced as well. It is under $5 at Target. You really can't beat that, especially for how much product you get (6.7 oz.)!

I have been LOVING these two guys like no other. I highly recommend each of them (or both!!). It is really important to take care of our skin, especially our delicate facial skin. And with the upcoming heat, it's a good idea to get a head start on keeping your skin hydrated!