remedy: refashion

Learn how to hem it up and head on out with your cute little self to enjoy some warmer weather!

Just like we talked about in our fall fashion video, it is time to shop your closet again while sorting through your turnover of clothes with the new change of seasons. You may not be an amazing seamstress, or you may not even own a machine at all. (BUT you’ve GOT to have a friend that does, right?) With a few simple straight seems, you could turn an ill-fitting oversized shirt or an outdated pair of wide leg pants into a neatly tailored top and skinny jean ensemble. I haven’t done any major sewing on clothes since 2003, and I turned these puppies out in 30 minutes with kids gone wild in my house. So there is hope for you too! Let me show you how.

Once you’ve sorted through your clothes and found a pair of pants that you just cannot part with (because of cute details like some sweet tab pockets and a nice wide waistband with wide belt loops)
despite a wider fit in the leg than you’d like, snatch those bad boys out along with your favorite pair of skinnies.

You are going to need to find the simple seam on the pant leg because that is where we will be tailoring from. It is the one that looks, well, simpler out of the two. And it is usually the outside seam.
Ok. Now that you have found it, make a mental note and go on and flip those mugs inside out! When you find your “simple” seam on the inside it might look a little crazy because most factory made clothes have serged seams. It prevents fraying and looks really complicated, but no worries. We’ll get to that in a sec.

Now your pants are inside out, and you have two options for tailoring your jeans, both of which are pretty straightforward and simple.

Option number 1: Still inside out, lay your jeans on the ground. Then snag your favorite fitting pair of skinny jeans (that don’t have to be inside out) and lay them right on top. DO NOT pull the back of your waistband even with the front.  Your jeans don’t ride evenly on you like that, so why would you try to tailor them that way? BUT DOOOOO make sure that the back of both waistbands of pants are aligned.
I know my white jeans are on top in this picture instead of the other way around. Sorry if that confused you. I just needed there to be contrast between the two pair for the picture. But do you see how the front button and zipper are naturally sagging down a bit? That’s what you want. You’ll be able to lift the leg and see that both inseams are relatively close together. So with your FAV jeans on TOP, pull out a pencil, pen, fabric pencil, and trace the leg shape of your favorite pair.
picture from
After you trace your line, you can pin along to make sure your fabric doesn’t move as you sew.
If you are brave, you can go ahead and cut your fabric ¼” outside of your line for seam allowance. Sew it up. And call it done.
If you are a perfectionist, sew your straight seam without cutting any fabric. Turn your jeans right side out, and see if you are pleased with the fit. If you’re not comfy, just re-sew the seam. Try them on again. And cut your excess fabric when you’re pleased with the final fit.
Once the excess fabric is cut, you can serge the seam if you own a serger OR sew a zigzag seam over the seam allowance if you don’t. And congratulations, you’re done!


Option Number 2: Starting from having your pants inside out, put them on! Wherever your simple seam is located, you are going to simply grab the excess fabric and pin the leg to the width or tightness that you desire for your skinny leg jean.
picture from
**I used two photos from 1). because she is just absolutely brilliant, and I wanted to give her a plug and 2). because I had already completed my jeans when I decided to do the tutorial. So that is why there are random pictures which are not of the white jeans.**

So you’ve pinned your pants and you now need to VERY CAREFULLY remove them. Then follow the same steps with sewing that were mentioned in Option Number 1. I actually combined Options 1 and 2. I started with Option 2 by pinning, but I went back to Option 1…
check waistband, inseam, and ankle opening
 ...and still compared the leg to my favorite skinnies to make sure the shape was right. You definitely need to make sure that your ankle opening is wide enough so that your foot can still fit through! That would be a problem.

Once I had the first leg completed, I just folded my jeans in half, still inside out, and used the method of Option 1 by tracing the new leg then sewing instead of taking the time to (awkwardly) pin the second leg. Ha! I was good with pining one side, but the other one just threw me for a loop.

After you sew and “serge”, make sure you press your new seam out really well so that it lays nicely. And hopefully you’ll love your new skinnies as much as I do mine!

TGIF and much love from your luxe|wise lady friend,