l|w: self-tanners

Let us share a few tips and tricks that we've learned (sometimes the hard way) about self-tanners! Our current favorite is the Ulta brand Instant Bronze tanning mousse. In our opinion it is a dupe for the St. Tropez self-tanning mousse! You can grab it in-store or online at ulta.com for $12.99.

Things to remember:


- Concentrate body scrub or face wash on your dry patchy areas. And don’t forget to shave!


- Immediately after your shower and before you tan, moisturize your skin. Again concentrate on your dry patchy areas so the color doesn’t leech on to those spots making you look dirty. If you are concerned about color concentrating in dry areas, try using Vaseline or baby oil gel on those spots to make sure that an adequate amount of color is repelled.


- When applying your mousse, use the least amount first. Thin layers dry quicker and are easier to build a natural looking tan.


- Just like applying makeup, blend it out. Harsh lines are a dead giveaway for fake! Authentic natural looking beauty is what we’re going for, so just blend it on out.


- If your toddler slobbers, coffee spills, water splashes, etc. on your freshly applied tan (like within the first 30 minutes to an hour or so) IT’S NOT THE END! You can fix it. For small spots, simply rub a pea sized drop of lotion over the area to blend it back out.

Also, any body fragrance or perfume falls into this liquid category!!!

It will make you look splotchy if you spray it on to bare, freshly tanned skin. Wait and spray it on over an article of clothing.


This is NOT long-wearing. It will fade quickly, and most absolutely wash off in a pool, especially if you have not showered between application and swim time!!! After allowing the tanner to dry and develop completely, you will need to rinse off the excess product. It WILL have a colored residue, BUT your body will have absorbed the color as well.

If you use a heavy moisturizer, the color may not absorb well and will wash off easier (hence the using the heavy moisturizers on extremely rough/dry spots to avoid looking dirty). And DO NOT shake the bottle. It will cause the bottle’s contents to separate and foam will not come out. It will squirt out a tar color liquid that will not blend well and will literally wipe off on to everything it touches!!!

Happy Tanning Friends!