ipsy | april

I just wanted to take another moment to give a shout out to beauty subscriptions - Specifically Ipsy! If you missed my last post on this beauty "Glam Bag", here's a quick run-down:

Go to the Ipsy website.
Create your personalized profile by taking a short quiz.
Pay $10/month. (This will not be charged until your first bag is on it's way!)
Get 4-5 AWESOME products in the mail each month. (Plus a super cute makeup bag!)

I received my 3rd bag in the mail on Saturday, and I can honestly say, I have yet to be disappointed in the least bit. It may seem like you're taking a chance, because, what if you don't like the products!? In all reality, though, how much $$ have we spent -- and wasted -- on products that we took a chance on from Walmart or Ulta? Let's get real.. we've all been disappointed with that lipstick or nail polish we just HAD to have at one time or another.

$10 is WORTH IT. Especially when it actually stops me from spending money on those impulse buys. "You have your Ipsy bag coming soon!", my conscience says. In the long run, I honestly believe that Ipsy has allowed me to save some dolla bills ya'll!

Here's what I got this month:

Each month has a theme.
 March: Beauty Rocks
How cute is this bag!? These little makeup bags are not cheaply made. They are just as durable -- if not more so -- as the ones you can purchase at CVS, Ulta, etc.

pop! goes the shadow by Elizabeth Mott | Champagne
This little guy is gorgeous in person. It's a shimmery light shadow perfect for highlighting your brow bone or the inner corner of your eye. I haven't actually used the shadow, because I have a lot of similar products to this. I will probably give this away to someone that would get a little more use out of it!
(Just because there's products in your bag that you may not get use out of, doesn't mean that it wasn't a good bag... just keep reading!)

Cailyn Lip Balm | Apple Pink
This is a great pinky-nude color! This is another product that I may give to someone. I don't wear a ton of lip color, but when I do I prefer brighter colors. The little handle even comes unattached with a little brush for easy application!

CoverFX | Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment
I'm in LOVE. I've used this twice now, and it is already one of my favorite primers that I've tried. It is clear so it's great for any skin tone! It has an almost silicone feel to it that makes it just glide right across your skin.
I received a face primer last month also! After you get your bag in the mail, you can get onto your profile and review the things that you got. This will help ensure that you continue getting the things that you like/are interested in! I'd almost rather continue getting these smaller tubes of primer to try out, than committing to a huge tube that I may not like. Again, being able to test out products before you spend a bunch of money on them allows you to save money in the long run!

Urban Decay | 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil | Velvet Black
Ladies. This, in and of itself, was worth my $10. I hate -- strongly dislike -- pencil liners. I use a felt tip (almost marker-ish) eyeliner normally. This is the softest pencil liner I've ever used/tried. And it is BLACK. I've never purchased an UD eyeliner before, simply because they're expensive. They call this a "travel-sized" eyeliner, but it's really only like an inch shorter than a normal sized eyeliner. Totally worth it.

St.Tropez | Gradual Tan - Face
I saved the best for last. I am pumped to use this!! Camie talked about the St. Tropez self-tanner in the last post, and has raved about it to me since she tried it the first time. I have yet to try it out (or the Ulta brand knock-off!), but have been wanting to for a while. I know this isn't the same product, but I'm so excited to try this face tanner out! Having a little color on my skin makes me feel so much better about life. It instantly puts me in a better mood than when I feel my skin is looking dull.
I know a lot of people are scared to use self-tanners on their face, and I too usually just get a shade darker in my foundation. But again, I'm excited.

I love getting mail, and it's even a little more fun when you know there's a few little presents inside!

$10/month just isn't enough to feel guilty about ;) 

XO -- Leesha