DIY: cut-offs

Alright y’all. This DIY project is even easier than the last. You really just need a writing utencil and some scissors. A sewing machine and thread are totes optional. Oh, and you might need a pair of jeans to chop off. But let me warn you about something. IF YOU TRY THIS TUTORIAL WITH SOME AEROSOL JEANS (you know the kind that are so tight they look like they’ve been spray painted on with an aerosol spray can), THEY WILL NOT BE CUTE. Your leg is going to look like a smoked sausage being squeezed outta those too-tight-jeans when you sit your little rumpus down. So there. You were warned. This works best with wide-leg or somewhat looser fitting pants. Boot-cut, boyfriend, or trouser jeans are typically your best options.

Step one is just like the first from our skinny jean tutorial
line up waistbands and inseams.
… look familiar? You are going to lay your jeans down on the ground. Straighten all the seams out so that they are laying flat. Then place your favorite pair of shorts on top of the jeans to serve as your pattern making sure that the BACK waistbands are lined up with the button and fly sagging lower as they would were you wearing them. You want to do this so that the pants mimic the ride and fit when they are on your body so that there is enough fabric in the back to cover your bottom. If you do not pay attention to this step, I can guarantee you that your rear end will hang out.

favorite shorts on top with waistbands aligned.

line traced and jeans cut.
With your favorite shorts on top and all lined up, trace a line across the front of your jeans. Notice that the line will be at a slight angle. You can just eyeball it and freehand the line. Or if you are a perfectionist, just use your ruler to measure and serve as your straightedge.
It is always a great idea to cut your jeans longer than you really think you’d like. You can always go shorter, but unlike hair, these puppies aren’t growing back out. Even with the longer length, you have the option to cuff them up and just whip the sides together to keep them in place or cut an inch off to give yourself some room for ravel.
Try on your freshly cut shorts and decide whether or not your want to cuff them. If you decide to leave them as is, then you are DONE, son!!!

¼” straight seam to prevent uneven ravel.
If you would like to prevent your shorts from unraveling too much and give them a nice store bought look, take them to your machine and sew a straight seam ¼’ around the hem. You can pick whatever color thread you like, but I think most people prefer either white or a color that matches the wash of your jeans so that it remains somewhat hidden.

And THAT my friends, is IT. Have fun rocking those new FREE cute cut-off shorts!

Much love and Happy Monday - your luxe|wise lady friend,