top 5 picks for baby gear

Due to the stages of life we are in right now, we are having babies (lots of them) and so are our friends.  With all the back and forth of trying things and failing at things and wishing we had things and realizing that sometimes THINGS just take up space and aren’t necessary, we decided to compile a short list of items to definitely consider for purchasing for those little years. 

A few of the criteria that we took in to consideration while choosing our favs (and questions we think you should ask yourself as well) were:

  1. Length of use - is it really necessary to buy a gigantic THING for $100 dollars that will only serve ONE purpose for 2 months?
  2. Functionality - can this item function as more than one thing? is it saving me space? is it absolutely necessary to my child’s survival?
  3. Price - is it really worth paying this much for the functionality and length of use?
  4. Peer Pressure - just because that’s the thing everyone has always used/way everyone has always done it mean that I HAVE to do it that way, too? so is it REALLY necessary?

Fisher Price Rock n Play

-use as a bassinet
-elevated back, helps with reflux
-takes place of bouncy seat and swing
-easy storage (foldable)
-easy liner washing
-lightweight, easy to travel with
-until your baby can sit up, they just may live in this thing (especially to keep them safe and away from other children/pets).
-item recommended and gifted by a co-worker!

Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 Highchair

-infant chair to normal highchair to  toddler booster seat
-easy to move (front wheels)
-removable tray (easy cleaning-dishwasher)
-removable cover (easy cleaning-washer)
-good back support-reclining seat
-(you might want to check Camie’s other favorite option for highchairs.)

aden + anais swaddle blankets

- 47” x 47” pre-washed 100% cotton muslin, bamboo, or organic cotton options
- breathable to reduce risk of overheating. great for swaddling year round
- large size makes swaddling super easy
- so comfy! and they get softer with every wash
-versatility to work as a stroller or nursing cover, changing pad cover, burp cloth, tummy time blanket and much more (great guitar polishing cloth per Camies husband, Steve!)
-machine washable
-kids love to sleep with them well into their toddler years

Graco Pack n Play

- travel playard features a bassinet designed to fold for easy set-up and take-down
- folding feet and wheels allow for a more compact fold
- removable, full-size bassinet is perfect for napping
- straight forward simple design with no extra frills means no wasted money or space
- easy to wipe down and clean
- another safe place for baby to sleep/play away from other children/pets
-since both Leesha and Camie live away from their families, it’s the prefect bed for kids when they travel

DaVinci Mini Crib

- space saver because it is a MINI crib (can possibly be placed in parents’ room during newborn weeks because of compact size if you choose to forgo a bassinet or pack n play)
- 4 level mattress support to adjust as baby grows
- converts to twin bed that is low enough for toddler usage
- lead and phthalate safe with non-toxic finish
-static-side crib with no moving parts, so no safety hazards!
- can be ordered as a package deal from with conversion rails included
- just an ingenious idea in our opinion as far as most convertible cribs are concerned

Honestly, we could list 10 more things that we love (have loved) like pumps, drying racks, bottles, diapers, but those things become more specific-to-the-need based on your home, your child, and your personal preferences. But if you would like suggestions, or have your own suggestions to offer, definitely feel free to comment below!

Happy Monday! 
Love, your luxe|wise lady friends,

Leesha and Camie