katy: free home makeover

LO.VING. this inspiration from our dear friend Katy over at birdinatreeblog.com! Enjoy!


This winter it doesn’t seem to matter if you live north, south, or Midwest…you’ve been trapped inside way too much! If you’re like me you might have the itch to do a complete remodel of your home simply because you are so sick of seeing it from the inside! We don’t have the time, money, or sanity to undergo a major home makeover, so I did a few small things that have made a huge difference in the way I enjoy my home.

The basement, through some tender loving care, has become one of my naptime happy places. Last year it flooded and our three year old carpet was demolished which gave way to some lovely, old, paint-spill-bearing tile. The white walls which used to be totally acceptable and reminded us of the ways that God worked to prepare our home for us, now seemed to bring out the “warehouse” feel of our basement. When I say warehouse, I don’t mean it in the contemporary urban way, I mean it in the CompUSA way (flashback to when they existed and it was SO depressing to step foot in one of those stores).  We were left feeling as if we would have to dish out some major money to create the perfect guest room/writing space/treadmill area. I’m so happy to report that I dug through some storage and various cabinets that have gone untouched for quite some time and I found just enough to warm up the basement. The treadmill is hidden nicely in one of the closets when it isn’t being used. We moved some furniture around (the bed, lazy boy, and coffee table were given to us by Austin’s parents when we moved, and the little round table and desk were garage sale treasures. The cute desk chair was a masterpiece of refurnished work from my love friend Camie here at luxe|wise.) and found that the room may not be a complete lost cause after all.  Then we were blessed by being able to buy a large piece of scrap carpet for a steal. The basement isn’t perfect, but I’m really proud of us for waiting until the right time to invest money and time into a project that isn’t a small one. Now I love my basement time to write or do laundry while I watch video sermons.

My second happy space is our dining room table. Typically this table is where the piles go. You know the piles; we all have THE piles somewhere right? But lately I’ve made a real effort to keep it cleared of anything that doesn’t get used daily. So currently on our table are Austin’s and my morning devotional or reading materials. For mornings when the kids join us a little too early there is a puzzle and magnetic writing board for them to occupy themselves while the sun finishes its glorious rise. We also have a basket of produce that we couldn’t squeeze into our pantry or fridge for our Whole….10 (yea we quit Whole 30 after 10 days, but more on that later). I love enjoying this space to eat a late lunch and stare out the window or read in the mornings or during naps. It’s also a secondary writing space for me if the basement is a little too chilly. The few seconds it takes to clear the table of unnecessary things is worth the use we get from our dining room now! 

And now…the work that seems to always and forever be “in progress”… our bedroom. I painted it a few years ago and still love the color. I have had a summer and winter option for bedding that I still like (except that I have laid claim to a new summer set for next year because I need a little change). We constantly struggle to keep it clean since at bedtime we tend to throw our clothes on the nearest furniture and then don’t have time during the day to clean it. Our oldest naps in there in the afternoons, which is problematic because that is the only time I have to escape upstairs and clean. OK...wait I started talking about this room to share the one things that I love! This winter (this is probably one of the last remaining good things about this winter) I completed my walk into adulthood by making our bed every single day. I love it, and my husband loves it. I am now a firm believer in bed making! The room looks clean(er), and I really get to appreciate our Ikea bedding and our beautiful bed which I love so much.

Without spending a bunch of money, I’ve found ways to refresh our home and love it even more. If you are stuck in a rut with your house do something crazy! Move the furniture and switch decorations between rooms! You may be surprised how little changes here and there can give you fresh rejuvenation!

Do you have THE piles somewhere in your house? Comment and divulge your pile place! I would love to know if the dining room table is indeed the place for junk to be!