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So ladies, here’s the skinny on flat irons and what you need to know before you invest in one ...

What are the best qualities to look for in a flat iron?

-Size: 1-inch. No matter the length or thickness of your hair, don't be fooled! Thicker or wider plates just mean a bulkier flat iron and longer strand-to-heat contact! So, too much to handle and too much heat. The 1" size also allows you to curl with your flat iron if you so desire.

Babybliss Nano 1"

-Material: Ceramic. It provides even distribution of heat on the plates. 
"Ceramic technology utilizes hi-tech ceramics because of their ability to retain heat, enabling appliances to reach higher temperatures for instant heat with more even distribution and no damaging hot spots. Ceramic also emits far infrared heat and negative ions which help to lock in moisture, prevent frizz and static electricity, and leave hair silky smooth. Ceramic styling tools include blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons, brush irons, clippers, brushes and combs." ((Pulled this from Sally's website))

-Edges: Rounded. Never use a flat iron with blunt edges! Blunt edges promote pulling of the hair which leads to more breakage! Rounded edges help hair follicles slide past the plates with ease and they also help with curling, waving, flipping under, etc.

-Settings: Adjustable. Having varied heat settings is important in preventing as much heat damage as possible! If you have fine hair you DO NOT need your flat iron on high!! For thicker, more coarse hair, I recommend starting at the lowest setting and making your way towards a hotter setting. A bonus setting to look for is an Auto Shut Off feature! 
ChiAir with adjustable setting knob

Some suggestions: (we haven't used all of these...)

Remington S8590 - Walmart, Target
Hot Shot Tools Black Pearl - Sally beauty supply
Babyliss Pro - Ulta
Hot Tools - Ulta
Chi - Ulta (this is what Camie uses and likes)
Sultra Seductress (this is what Leesha uses and loves it)

TGIF and happy heated hair tools shopping!!!
Leesha and Camie