another DIY onesie

Let's get a little crafty!! This DIY onesie may be a little more "involved" than the last tutorial we did, but stick with me! I'll show you an alternate way that is not quite as difficult and time-consuming.


Sewing machine (optional)
Fabric Adhesive (optional)
Pattern/Design (the simpler, the better!!)

Let's get started!

1. Pick your fabric.
I bought these two fabric pieces from Walmart. They have pre-cut squares in all kinds of patterns and designs for just $0.99! Feel free to use scraps that you already have from previous projects, or even from old clothes. You don't need a lot of fabric for this project. I originally picked these two fabrics because they're fairly gender neutral. The green/blue/purple reminds me of a dinosaur for some reason... which leads us to step 2!

2. Pick your design.
You'll need a piece of paper and a marker for this part. You can use a stencil or free form your design --OR-- you can search the good ole' internet, place the piece of paper on the screen, and trace! That's what I did!

Remember to keep your design simple. This will only help you out in the long run.

Going back to Step 1, I said the fabric reminded me of a dino. That's what I decided to do! I'm having a baby boy, but you can totally make dinosaurs feminine (think pink fabric!).

I finally found an outline online that I felt was simple enough. I also did the letter of my little buddy's first name (which is a secret at this point ;)! Get creative! A bow tie, flower, heart, mustache, butterfly, etc.

Next you just need to cut out the shape!

As you can see, I like to craft on the floor. I'm not sure why, I've always been like that! Feel free to sit at a table if you'd prefer :)

3. Prep your fabric.
Iron out a big enough space to trace your design onto!

4. Trace your design.
I picked a marker color that somewhat blends in with my fabric. Just simply trace around your pattern!

5. Cut it out.
Here is where this project can get a little tricky! First, cut around the shape, leaving at least 1/2 inch outside of the shape.

Next, you will need to cut "slits" into the 1/2 inch border. This is going to allow you to iron the border over to create a clean line around your shape. If you pick a shape that has a lot of straight lines, you will not have to do this step! Think of a square. Folding over the edge would be no problem! With a more curvy shape, this is necessary.

--Alternate step!--

Skip cutting the border around your shape and just cut along your marker line! This may create "fraying" along the edges, especially the more it is worn, but you may not mind. If I did anything more complex than this dino, I would more than likely use this alternate step.

6. Iron your edges.
PLEASE be careful!! I try to go one little piece at a time. This step is also time consuming, but is necessary if you are going for the clean edges. After getting them all ironed over, I like to place the iron over the entire shape to give it one last blast of heat!

You can skip this step if you do not have the border to iron. You may want to re-iron your shape if you'd like, just to make sure there's no creases, but that's totally optional!

This is what my dino looks like with all of his borders ironed! He is a little more "boxy" than the original shape on my paper, but I like him :)

7. Sew your edges.
This is another optional step. I used a white thread for contrast, but you can use a thread close to your fabric color to disguise it if you'd like.

8. Attach your shape!
We're almost done! There's a couple ways to go about attaching fabric to fabric. There are some great fabric "glues" that you can get at any craft store or Walmart. This is honestly the easiest way! I would recommend placing a thick piece of paper or cardboard on the inside of your onesie so that it doesn' bleed through to the back!
 You can also hand sew right over your already stitched shape directly onto your onesie -- remember to only go through ONE side ;)
That's it! Choose your preferred method and be creative!!

This can obviously be altered (enlarged) to make a children's or adult-sized version.