trinka: party animals

Y’all are about to get the HOOK UP today on this DIY. Our crazy talented friend +Trinka Kremers  is sharing her ingenuity on some nifty no-sew masks. Even if you don’t have any kids, this pattern can be tweaked to fit your creative needs! So take a little read and enjoy!



Woodland Animal Templates
Assortment of felt in various colors (Grey, Black, Orange, White, Brown, Pink, etc)
Foam Sheets (any color)
Hot Glue Gun and a few sticks
Scissors or X-Acto Knife

We are going to learn how to make the fox mask today, but the rest of the animals’ templates are attached here in case you’d like to print and try those out also!

I saw the most ADORABLE masks on Etsy…. And since I’m doing that theme for my baby’s first birthday party (sniff), these were PERFECT. However, their price was not. So… being the cheapy that I am, I decided to do a little DIY and make my own!
So here we go! Here is how I did the Fox Mask:

I started with a brown piece of foam paper to trace the face onto. I thought the foam would give the mask extra support since I can’t/wasn’t sewing them.

I took the fox template that I drew out and just traced around it.

Next, I cut the mask out. If you are comfortable using an X-Acto knife, definitely use it here! I find it much faster than scissors. However, this can be dangerous if you’ve never used one before! We don’t need no fingers cut off now, ladies!!! And as always, use a cutting board or something behind the knife so you don’t cut up your floor or table.  :/

Then I transferred the foam face onto the orange felt. Trace again.

Now I tried cutting the felt with the knife, but it didn’t work. So if you happen to have felt scissors (WHO KNEW THOSE EXISTED!?),  then use those. Or if you’re like me, clueless to this fact, use regular scissors….and if you make 20 masks like I did, be prepared for some sore thumbs!! Lol

This next step is just what I found to be the easiest way to go about getting that white beard for the fox. I placed the orange face on top of the white felt. I traced along the bottom half of the left “cheek” and then also from the corner of the eye to the middle of the eye.

Then, I removed the mask and drew lines to connect the markings I had made to  make the left side of the “beard.”

Now, do the same thing for the right side.

Next, I just drew a shape similar to “fire” for the inner ears. If you are uncomfortable with a free hand, take the template and cut out the ear and just trace it onto the pink felt!

For the nose, I placed the template onto the black felt and made marks from one end of the nose to the next so I could have a reference for how big to make the nose. It’s basically just an oval!

Now it’s time to do some gluing! Lay the pieces of the face down and start gluing…. I started with the inner ear (the pink), then the beard (the white), then the nose as the finishing touch!

Then take the face and glue onto the foam cutout from the first step.

TA DA!! And there you have it, an easy and cheap fox woodland mask. I am going to cut holes in mine and add elastic long enough to fit a child’s head and maybe some for the adult head too! Thanks for reading, and good luck y’all!!