Ipsy | something special for yourself

Who doesn't like getting good ol' fashioned snail mail? (As long as it's not a bill!) Even better when it's a small package... full of beauty goodies!!

I recently signed up to receive the Ipsy Glam Bag once a month. You start off taking a short survey on their website -- What type of makeup products you like, your style in general, if you'd like skincare, if you're interested in hair care, etc. -- This will help ensure you receive items that are more apt to like (Who want's to pay for things they dislike?!).

After the survey, your profile is created. You'll then sign up (if you want) to receive the monthly Glam Bag. It's only $10/month (free shipping)!! You receive roughly 5 items in your bag, and you also get a cute little makeup bag!

Ever since I signed up, I've been looking forward to getting it in the mail. It's made me think twice about purchasing beauty products at drugstores (that I don't need) because "who knows what I'll get in my Ipsy bag!?"

I was very pleased with my February Ipsy bag! It was definitely worth the $10.

J.Cat Beauty False Lashes
I haven't used these yet, but am excited to! I don't wear falsies often, but when I do, I will usually cut them in half and use on the outside corner of my eyelid. These come with a little tube of eyelash glue, so you already have all that you need!

POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini | Fuchsia Freesia
The sleek design of the tube and the "mini" size is perfect to take with you in your purse! I love the hot pink color they sent me. I swatched this on my hand and the pigment is crazy. VERY opaque. I ended up wearing this to my Valentine's Chick-fil-a dinner date with my hubby (don't worry, I was the one who REQUESTED fast food. I mean, it's Chick-fil-a.....). After the deliciousness, my lips were still pink! It worked as a lip gloss/stain all in one!

Zoya Nail Polish | Odette
I've never used Zoya before, but was very impressed. I had to use two coats (which I normally do anyways). I normally reach for pinks and oranges for my nails, but this purple is great! It's not dark enough to make my nails look short and stubby. It's actually a really great color for this weird end-of-winter, want-it-to-be-spring time of year! Also, this is a full-sized nail polish -- already worth half the price of the subscription!

Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud
Oh. My. Word. This mask was amazing. I used it last night. Step 1 is the actual mud mask part. After applying the mud, you apply Step 2 right on top of it. This is the activating gel. The mud is somewhat cooling, but as soon as you apply the activating gel it foams and heats up. If felt incredible. Now, if I would have, 1. known how awesome it was and 2. known how expensive it is, I would have only used half and saved the other half for another time. For 6 packs just like this, it's roughly $40. You're only supposed to use it once a week, so you could make it last a while. That being said... gift card, coupons, sales... might be the only way I would purchase it.

City Color Be Matte Blush | Fresh Melon
This full-sized blush was awesome! This is probably the item I am most excited and impressed with. The pigment is awesome, it's matte (hard to find in a blush), the color is fun, and retail price is  $2.99! I checked out the website and there's at least 7 other colors! I'm not sure where you can purchase other than on their website. If anyone knows, please let me know! (or maybe you shouldn't!)

All-in-all, my first month of my Ipsy subscription was well worth it! If you're interested in signing up, just follow this link! It's fast, easy, and affordable!