top 6 face brushes

Ladies! I think when we (luxe|wise) began this journey, we almost assumed that our target audience was on the same page as us; watching YouTube tutorials, reading blogs, doing research, and practicing on ourselves for practically years now! With life happening – marriage, school, work, baby…babies, etc. – “ain’t nobody got time for dat!” Trust us, we know. I sometimes wonder where I find time to sit for hours and watch tutorial after tutorial, and then go to Walmart to buy the products talked about! That’s why we’re here though! We want to be able to target the things that really interest you or that you have questions about. We like weeding through everything else to be able to provide a one-stop shop with only the best of the best!

All that being said – we now understand that not everyone knows even some of the things we now consider “basic.” Let’s go back to the beginning and discover the fundamentals of creating a luxe look.

Let’s talk brushes.
I’m going to start with the brushes that I use to do a full face of makeup. We’re talking foundation, blush, powder, etc. We will explore the many eye brushes at a later date – keep your eyes peeled! ;)
The Stippling Brush

This little guy is the first tool I use in my makeup routine. I typically dot some liquid foundation all over, concentrating the most on the center of my face. Here’s where this brush works some magic. defines stipple as “to apply paint, powder, etc  to something with many light dabs.” By using this technique, combined with small circular motions, you will create a more natural looking canvas. This will help avoid a mask-like appearance – who wants that??

If you look closely at a stippling brush, you’ll notice the different lengths of the hairs. In the picture above, the white hairs are longer than the black ones. This is going to help “sheer” out your foundation –meaning it isn’t going to cake it on there – and, more evenly distribute the product, again helping to create a more natural face.
The Beauty Blender

This shawty is one amazing makeup tool! By using the exact same technique as the stippling brush with the large base, you can create a similar textured foundation. I would start again by dotting the foundation on your face, and then blend in with the Beauty Blender. This creates an air-brushed finish, but for $5!

To create a “dewy” look, try soaking your BB in water for a few minutes first. Squeeze out the water to leave you with just a damp sponge. Continue with your stippling, dabbing, and blending! This will keep your blender from soaking up product, making it last longer! If you already have a bit of an oily face, you may want to steer clear of this technique.

But wait, she’s a 2-in-1! Mo’ for yo money! After applying my brightening concealer under my eyes, I use the tip of the BB to blend outward in a triangle (from corner to corner of my eye, down to the tip of my nose), still using a dabbing motion. With excess concealer that she may have picked up, I will take it down the middle of my nose and/or right under my eyebrows on the brow bone to highlight.  
Powder Brush

Some liquid foundations are meant to leave a dewy finish. If I’m not feelin’ that look, or if my face is a little more oily that day, I will set my foundation with a powder. If you want to make your foundation last longer than normal, setting it is a must! Every once in a while, I will use a powder foundation – instead of liquid – if I want a little color on my face without going all out. This guy is awesome for this job. He can cover a lot of territory in a little bit of time. The flat-top will help to control where your product is going.

First you will want to dab the brush onto your face, spreading the powder over a larger area (and avoiding fall-out all over your shirt!). Then, using circular motions, blend out any harsh lines.

I will also use this powder brush (or just a clean one if you have a spare!) after applying my full face of makeup, to blend out any harsh lines created.
Small Powder Brush

You may want a separate brush that you can use with translucent powder to “set” your under-eye concealer. The smaller, more compact brush gives you more control over where your powder goes. Sweeping a translucent powder over top of your concealer will help it to stay put all day! It will also help to avoid any separating or lines that can sometimes form after wearing for a while. I also like to go over my T-zone (down the nose, across the forehead, and even around my mouth and chin) to eliminate some of the oiliness.  
Contour/Bronzer Brush

This is another brush that benefits from having small compact bristles. I begin by shading a “line” in the hollows of my cheeks (right below the cheekbone) to act as a guide for where I want my contour to go. Then, using small circular motions, go back over that same line – gradually getting wider closer to your ears. The tapered design of the brush will allow you to blend out the edges of your contour as you apply the product. (You may still want to use your powder brush to do a little extra blending though!)

I also like to contour my forehead. Just by adding a little bronzer on the sides of your forehead right below the hairline will give you a little bit of a sun-kissed look. You can also use this small brush to add a bit of bronzer on the very sides of your nose to slim and elongate it.

Obviously bronzer is a major optional step. If you have a little extra time and you want to amp up your look for the night, go for it!
Blush Brush

This brush is probably the most commonly used brush all across the board. I remember when this was the only brush that I owned. There’s not really another way to add the rosy glow to your cheekbones! (Unless you’re using a cream blush and your fingers!)

I like using a big brush for this step. Brushes like the ones pictured above are great – loose, soft bristles are the best! You can get a tapered one (like the pink one) to help with blending, but since you can blend out the edges with your powder brush it’s not necessary! Shorter bristled brushes are going to give you more concentrated color and can make you look like a clown if you’re not careful – scary! That is why I like longer haired brushes better for blushes.

If you’re not one to wear a lot of makeup, I would say your top 3 brushes to own are the stippling brush, powder brush, and blush brush. If you enjoy wearing makeup, but don’t know where to go from there, try out these 6 tools! I promise it will make you enjoy applying makeup.

Don’t be worried about the amount of “essentials” that I listed. You can get every single one of the above brushes for $3 from ELF. The Eyes, Lips, Face brand is now sold in lots of stores from Walmart, Target, Kmart, etc. You can also order them online here. So, $15 can get you all 5 of the brushes mentioned! Not bad, considering high end brushes can be double or triple that price for ONE brush! In my experience, these brushes are actually very good quality for the price. If you take care of your tools and clean them somewhat regularly, they can last you a long time. I use my brushes pretty much daily and they have lasted me for a couple years already!

As far as the beauty blender, I got the two pictured above for under $5 at a TJMaxx. Keep an eye out when you are at places like Ross, Gordman’s, etc. It can be a hit or miss find, but when you find one, snag it!!

The other brushes pictured are also awesome! Great quality. They are Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman. Sam is a makeup artist from London. She also creates YouTube videos with her sister Nic. You can watch their videos here. You can purchase her brushes from Ulta. I have also seen them at Kmart and on

**Note: The brushes pictured are labeled by the companies. I don't always use my brushes for what they may be intended for, but have found they work best for me in the ways described above. Just to avoid any confusion! :)
I hope this inspires you all to give makeup brushes a try and to create luxe looks! Keep an eye out for a video showing the exact techniques described above!
Happy Monday everyone!