katy: DIY workout headband

Free, Easy, and Useful! Those are just about the only three words that could pull me into a DIY project. I only go for what’s easy and what’s worth it! This little project is so simple; I hardly need to provide instructions! This headband is great for keeping your little baby hairs and bangs pulled back away from your face so you can get your exercise on and your New Year’s resolution fulfilled! If you don’t have any fitness aspirations, or if you just like the headbands, you can always rock a bohemian headband!

Step 1. Clean out your old T shirts.

 Step 2. Trim off the bottom seam.

Step 3. Cut ‘em up! (about one to one and half inch strips.)

Step 4. Cut the loops on one side making for one extra long strip.

Step 5. Braid three strands together. Use a safety pin about one inch down to make braiding easier. (Or if you are extra adventurous go for a fish tail braid.)

Step 6. Don’t braid all the way down. Once your braid is long enough to make a snug headband around your head you can stop!

Step 7. Tie a knot with each little strand on the end to the corresponding strand at the top by your safety pin. I'm a simple gal, but if you want to get fancy and bust out the hot glue to give this a more stream lined look then go for it!

Step 8. Remove safety pin and trim ends.

Step 9. Put on your new headband, pull your hair back, and hit the gym! Keep those resolutions going strong!


This post was brought to you by our insanely talented friend +Katy Tullos! You can find her over at www.birdinatreeblog.com where she courageously talks about real life with true conviction in an approach full of grace and refreshing humor.