DIY: graphic tee (baby edition)

So I’ve been browsing Pinterest lately, looking at gender neutral baby clothes. I’m due June 28th, and my next sono isn’t until the end of February! Not knowing is killing me!! I just want to know whether I’m having a little girl or a little boy..

That being said, I’ve come across so many adorable outfits that – depending on how you “accessorize” it – could work for either sex! Before we go any further, let me preface this by letting you know that I’m the type of person that loves little kids dressed in clothes that I would wear myself. Nothing against the cutesy baby looking items – those are adorable too. I just enjoy browsing the various pictures of babies in leggings, tiny hoodies, denim button-ups, and moccasins.

Among some of the graphic tees for sale I found these:

Being more on the creative side, I’m always trying to figure out how I can “do-it-myself”. So, when I came across these onesies, it was clear as day that I should just create my own instead of paying $30+ for one (plus shipping).

Off to Walmart I went. I got a pack of 3 plain white onesies ($7) and a paint pen that can be used on fabric ($2). I got a black pen, but there were so many other colors – remember, I’m sticking with neutral.. for now ;) You can also get a colored onesie if you’d like (or dye the white ones!).

This can also be done with T-shirts for older children or even for yourself!

I would recommend searching Pinterest or Etsy to get some inspiration! Find some designs that you like – make sure that they’re feasible to recreate – and possibly practice on a sheet of paper first.

Next, you’ll want to take a piece of cardboard or cardstock and place it on the inside of the shirt. This will eliminate any bleeding to go through to the back of the shirt.

Start your design! Depending on the fabric, it may be a bit time consuming. With the onesies, I didn’t want them to stretch out, so I avoided pulling the fabric taut – making it take a little longer to finish the design. The good thing with the onesies is they’re SMALL! Not as much space to cover ;)

Keep it simple. That’s the beauty of the designs pictured above.

I envision pairing my baby’s onesies with colorful leggings or a pink hoodie if it’s a girl. If it’s a boy, maybe some jeans and a grey hoodie.

I’m just dying to buy my baby clothes, and this helped satisfy that craving – at least for a bit!

I’d recommend turning your shirt inside out and washing on a cold setting (especially with colored pens!) at least for the first wash. The paint dries a little stiff, but will become more flexible as time goes on.

You can also buy some leggings and do the same thing!:

I hope this gets your minds turning and inspires you to create some fun graphic tees for the whole family! Be sure to instagram your designs and tag us so we can see!!
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Happy Monday!