boots and booties ...

…rockin’ everywhere…

Literally everywhere. All ages. All sizes. Every single body is rockin’ an ankle boot these days. And if you’re not yet, don’t be alarmed! I’m sure their popularity won’t be fading anytime soon, and you can score yourself a nifty pair at any number of winter clearance sales. Some of you may have already tackled that beast but are now faced with the dilemma on how to style your new shorties. Never fear! That’s why the ladies of luxe|wise are here!!!

Let’s start off with a good ole (desert) wedge ankle boot. In my opinion, it’s going to be the easiest to find and the easiest/most comfortable to wear. If you’re unsure about trying this trend, a good place to start looking for a cheap pair of bootie training wheels is Kmart! Check out these bad boys:

Coming in black, taupe, chestnut, and wine, this Route 66 Fashion Boot is a dupe for the ever popular TOMS desert wedges. I own this exact pair and am in love with these lil guys. They are a FRACTION of the cost of the TOMS coming in at $15 a pop on sale at Kmart, and they are oh so comfortable. Another thing that I love about these booties is that they make my monster feet look tiny!!! So heads up on that my large footed sista friends! Now on to styling ...
    More than likely you are going to want to wear these with a pair of jeans. Of course you can wear them with bootcut, flared, or even a wider straight leg jean, but then they are covered up and you lose the affect of the whole ankle boot. If you are ok with that, then more power to ya. But to REALLY show them off as an integral part of your ensemble, you are going to want to opt for skinny leg denim, leggings, or tights and a dress/skirt. Here are a few of my favorite styling options:

This seems to be one of THE MOST pinned pictures for fall/winter fashion and ankle boots. If you’re going to sport your kicks with normal length jeans, just cuff them right to the top of your boots. (You do the exact same thing with combat boots, too!) OR you can wear ankle length skinnies and not worry your pretty little head about cuffing a single thing!

Here’s another popular pinned image of a close up on a cuff and wedge. These little ditties are from Target and come in black as well. Comfortable for sure. But they didn’t do for my big feet what those gems from Kmart could. And the Kmart booties are about $10 cheaper. Anyway, that chestnut/cognac/tan color is a great neutral if you don’t want to go so dark and daring with black ones!

Next we’ve got these two ladies rocking some sweet lil shorties with their black tights and dresses. Such a classy fun look with just enough edge to keep you looking fresh!

And now my two cents of inspiration to fast forward out of this cold weather thanks to Anthropologie! This chick is sporting some sweet suede booties with an absolutely gorgeous frock. Church, dates, dinners, weddings … look out Spring special occasions! Here come some ankle boots til these girls get their toes did!!! Hahaha

Also, really quickly let me show you another blog that I have been loving on tips for styling lately: it is from this chick right here! I linked to my favorite outfit paring with ankle boots, but look at all of her ideas for inspiration!!! Some of them even have me daydreaming of spring as I sit here typing with a -40 degree wind chill blowing through my walls.

 It is SO great to be back throwing some insight and motivation your way! (anybody got some to reciprocate?) But Happy HAPPY Happy New Year friends! We look forward to doing life in 2014 with you all! Give us a shout and let us know what types of things you want to see in twenty fourteen!

Much Love,

the ladies of luxe|wise