dry hair fix #2

I bet you all were just sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear what my second trick is to keeping hair from being frail and dry! Well, wait no more!

Oils and Serums!

Now, you fine haired females may be cringing at this point, but keep reading! Quantity is key here ladies!!

First, let me name a few products to give you an idea of some options:

-Moroccan Oil | $43!! | Nordstrom

I got a 10 ml TINY bottle as a sample at a hair show once. Now, this stuff is amazing, but SO pricy! The 100 ml bottle is $43 on the website. I’ve never purchased this product, and to be honest, would only do so as a splurge.

-One n’ Only Argon Oil Treatment | $9.99 | Sally’s

This is a 100 ml bottle, and honestly it works just as good for me as the Moroccan Oil brand. It can get a little greasy quicker than the MO, but if you are easy on the amount, it’s perfect! It smells amazing as well!

-Aussie Smoothing Serum | $4.97 | Walmart

I love the smell of this one also. The bottle comes with 50 ml of product. This serum doesn’t get quite as “greasy” as an oil, so this could be a great option for the fine-haired ladies, but is equally effective for us coarser haired heads!

Now, this next one you have to be VERY CAREFUL with!!

-Palmer’s Coconut Oil | $4.99 | Target

There are so many brands of coconut oil. You can get it at most drug and retail stores. And there are so many uses for coconut oil too! (google it!) It typically comes in a solid form. To liquefy it, simply rub between your hands. This can be very difficult to get out of your hair if you accidentally get too much in, so start with a teeny-tiny bit! (the size of a pea!) You can always add more!
You can also use coconut oil as a deep conditioner. You may have to shampoo your hair 4-5 times before getting it all out of your hair (especially the thick haired heads like mine!), BUT if you concentrate the oil at your ends and NOT directly on your scalp, you should be able to see a difference. And who doesn't like the smell of coconut?!

“The Process”:

1. With a SMALL amount of oil or serum (add more as needed), onto towel-dried hair, apply to the very ends of your hair. (You really don’t want to get it near your scalp at all!)
2. Pull in a downward motion from the shaft of your hair strand, focusing on the very tips of your hair. This will help seal the cuticle of your hair! (and disguise split ends!)
3. Comb through your towel-dried hair with a wide toothed comb.
4. Air dry for optimal moisture and shine, or blow dry for quickness!
5. Style!
You can stop right there OR begin right here! If I am going to let my hair air dry (especially overnight), I will do the first 4 steps and am good to go. If I am blow drying or my hair is already dry, I will start with step 6:
6. With an even tinier amount of your weapon of choice, evenly distribute all over the palm of your hands by rubbing them together. (I'm talking the size of a pea for thick heads, and the size of a sunflower seed - without the shell! - for the fine heads.) Again, you can add more as needed!!
Take the very ends of your hair and again, pull downward. This will help seal the cuticle of your hair strands AND get rid of any split ends that are showing (especially with straightened hair!).
Know of some other great oils or serums? Let us know! We love finding awesome new products and passing along the info!
Here's to a moisturized mane!