dry hair fix #1

The wintery weather has me bundling up big time – which I love! My hair, however, is not so welcoming to this dry air. If you’re like me – or human – you’re not a huge fan of static-y, dry, brittle hair. Keep reading to find out how to help your luscious locks cope with the winter season!

This past summer I went from my natural dark brown hair to the lightest I’ve ever been.

 I know that to some of you out there, with your gorgeous platinum strands, this might not be very light. But. To me? It’s BLONDE. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED it. On the other hand, I did NOT love keeping up with my super dark roots. So I have since returned to a warm chestnut color.

Lightening my hair, along with the fact that I’m in desperate need of a trim (I feel a tinge guilty about that considering I’m a hairstylist), is not helping this dryness situation.

I have a couple of super easy ways to keep your hair full of moisture through these upcoming dry months!!

First is to deep condition. This doesn’t have to be done at a salon (should I really be telling you this??!) ;) AND it doesn’t have to be expensive! A deep condition/hair mask can be as simple as leaving a moisturizing conditioner on your hair, while the steam of your hot shower helps it set in!

Here are a few of my favorite conditioners to use as a deep conditioner:


Redken All Soft or Smooth Down Conditioner | $18 | Ulta

Both of these conditioners are awesome! Your hair feels so healthy after using products like these. If you know a hair stylist, check with her/him about getting professional products from them instead of a retail store. Chances are they will charge you a little less than what places like Ulta sell them for!

Loreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner | $5.97 | Walmart

You can get this L’oreal conditioner at most drug and retail stores for under $6. I like it the same, if not better, than the Redken mentioned above! The shampoo is awesome too! Both smell amazing. Your hair is left with an amazing silky feel to it.

Proclaim Strengthening Intensive Hair Masque | $7.99 | Sally’s

I purchased this one from Sally’s on sale for around $10 or less. This smells sooo good and leaves your hair feeling so smooth. I’m not sure how often products are rotated out at Sally’s, so I dont know if this particular brand is still available. However! Don’t be afraid to try another product similar to this.

Here are a few deep conditioners and hair masks that I have not personally used, but would definitely give a try:
-Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm | $5.97 | Walmart
-One ‘n Only Argon Oil Restorative Mask | $4.79 | Sally’s

“The Process”:

1. Shampoo as normal.
2. Apply conditioner to hair (focusing the most product at the ends of your hair)
3. Comb through hair with a wide tooth comb.
(I use these!)
4. Let conditioner set on your hair for anywhere from 3-10 minutes. (The steam and heat from the shower will help open the cuticles of your hair to let all the moisture in!)
5. Rinse well and towel dry.
6. Comb through wet hair again with a wide tooth comb.
7. Air dry, if you have time, to prevent hair from drying out with a blow dryer.

I typically try to do this at least once a week. I love the way my hair feels after deep conditioning! Give your head a treat this week! If you have a favorite deep conditioner that you previously used, or if you tried a new one and loved it, let us know! Pass on your wisdom.

Stay tuned for my second trick to keeping your locks from getting weak, breakable, and even static-y!

Happy Conditioning!