for our gents: maintaining your manometer

Alright gentlemen. Today we are going to be addressing what many of you undoubtedly use to gauge one’s manliness: those (unsightly) beards, or what some affectionately refer to as a manometer, among other things. You have had an entire month to let some hairy growths take up residence on what used to be your chiseled, handsome, smooth skinned faces.

And I must inform you that it’s time. It is time to let it go!!! At least some of it for the goodness of maintaining not only good hygiene but also a good relationship with your lady! (Can I get an amen?) Let’s take a look at some grooming tips to turn those burly beards into luxe facial locks since No-Shave November, or more succinctly Noshember, is coming to an end.

Since I don’t have a beard, which may or may not be obvious to some of you, I had to do a little research on what exactly it takes to maintain a copious crumb catcher. One site that educated me the most with a well placed laugh or two was Upon clicking the link for beard trimming, you find this nifty diagram …

… which to me, in and of itself, explains a lot. But then the further I read and the more I learned, I began to realize that facial hair is not one-size-fits-all. Face shapes are different; hair types are different; and skin types are different, which all play huge roles in how to manage the upkeep of your beard.

A good place to start is finding or putting together your own beard grooming “dob" kit. Kits are generally comprised of a beard trimmer, comb, facial cleanser, shave cream, and after shave moisturizer. Again, has a wealth of information and options for these products, but they tend to be a little pricey. Budget friendly alternatives would include Nivea for Men, and Dove for Men. Once you have decided upon your appropriate facial care regimen, then you need to decide into what shape you want to transform all your hairy goodness.

Another link that I found extremely helpful in determining shape and style is is a fantastic site that shares step-by-step picture how-tos like this

 and even video how-tos for those of you who enjoy realtime explanations.

So dear gentlemen friends, in your next block of spare time before you see your family for the holidays, do yourselves and all of us really a favor and check this stuff out. Educate yourselves on the best grooming techniques for your individual faces, and remember: