WhittFit: Top 10 Fitness Gifts

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Aaaaah, don’t you just love this time of year?! 

First and foremost, I must recognize the reason for this wonderful season, and that reason is the fulfillment of divine prophecy with the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. While it seems as though the wise men knew exactly what gifts were fit for the King, we may not be so “wise” when it comes to picking out that perfect gift especially for our “fit fam.” 

So let me take some of your holiday stress away by giving you some great ideas with my top 10 favorite gifts that will suit anyone on your list who appreciates a good sweat sesh! We’ve got 9 days of shopping left so let’s not waste anymore time and get right down to business (wait what?? I just broke out into a cold sweat - seriously only 9 days??? I better step my game up!). 

Here are my top 10 gift ideas for 2015. Just to be clear, I based this list off of items that I have personally tried or used myself, and I also wanted to include items that most people (who are on a budget) don’t typically buy for themselves. All items on the list are under fifty dollars and will benefit anyone who is ready and willing to break a sweat and get after those New Year’s resolutions! 

10. Infusion Water Bottle - We all know just how important it is to hydrate. I find myself chanting “hydrate, hydrate, hydrate” all day long so that I don’t get so busy that I forget to drink. This gift is perfect for those friends or family members who detest the taste of water. I LOVE the infusion water bottles because you can infuse real fruit flavor into your water by simply picking your fruit, placing it in the appropriate compartment inside of the cup and filling it up with water! Voila! Bye, bye boring water - hello hydration! Oh and I have found some places that will allow you to personalize your bottle which would add a cute little detail they are sure to love ;)

9. Food Prep Storage Containers - Yes I included storage prep containers, and no I’m not crazy! If you have a legit fitness friend who gets it done in the gym but doesn’t quite have their nutrition under control due to busy schedule or lack of motivation to prep - oh and they don’t mind you keeping it real - then they will certainly appreciate a few sets of meal prep storage containers. Amazon has a great set that has 2-4 different compartments to prep entire meals and store. They stack nicely in the fridge and they’re microwave safe. Sometimes it takes having the right tools to get someone motivated and these are definitely necessary for those who need a little help in the kitchen. You could even throw in a cookbook with simple and quick meal ideas like the 21 Day Fix Cookbook that was just released earlier this year. Tons of great ideas and recipes in there! 

8. Subscription to a fitness magazine - Who really subscribes to magazines anymore when everything is on the internet?! (raises hand) I personally love it when my Oxygen Magazine shows up in the mailbox! I would much rather have pages to touch and flip through than go to my computer or phone to look something up. Another reason I love my fitness mags is when I’m feeling a little burned out I can find inspiration and pull some of the moves that are featured that month and incorporate them into my current routine. There are always tons of recipes, tips, and other great information about nutrition and fitness that seasoned fitness folk and beginners can appreciate.

7. Personalized gym bag, gym towel, or yoga mat - Monogram errrythang okay. Seriously guys who doesn’t need a personalized gym bag…

6. Wick away/compression socks + muscle aid tape - I grouped these two together because they are both fairly inexpensive, and they pair well together because each one makes your workout a little more enjoyable :) There is nothing like putting on a good comfy pair of socks that I know are going to keep my dogs fresh and dry and even provide better comfort and support. The muscle aid tape is a fantastic tool to have laying around the house. I’ve realized that as I age this old body isn’t what it use to be. I have had a few nagging injuries here and there, and having that extra support the muscle aid tape provides along with the many other benefits that it offers definitely helps speed up the recovery process. And they come in lots of bright colors, and patterns, and you can even find muscle aid tape decked out with their fav college team! 

5. Set of resistance bands - You have probably seen resistance bands that are sold individually, but I personally like to have different options as far as weight is concerned. Each colored band represents a different level of weight resistance so giving them different options by purchasing a set makes this gift that much better ;) This gift is especially fitting for that friend who likes to travel or has to travel for work and doesn’t care where they are when it comes to getting in a good workout. Resistance bands are lightweight and super easy to pack into a gym bag, suitcase, backpack, etc. There are bookoos of moves to choose from, and all you need is your body and your bands! Most sets will come with a DVD that has instructions. I suggest finding some instructional videos on Youtube - you will learn real quick that the workout options with resistance bands are endless! 

4. lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband - By far my favorite hair accessory. Perfect for short and long hair. It doesn't slide off during your workout, and it keeps my long frizzy hair from falling in my face. Worth every penny! And they come in lots of cute colors and patterns ;)

3. Motivational tank or tee - There’s something about throwing on my “look like a beauty - train like a beast” tank that enables me to put my game face on and smash my workout no matter what mood I’m in or how I’m feeling ... So yea, if a motivational tank can do this for me, it can for everyone else right? These t-shirts and tanks are popping up all over the place with tons of cute, fun, and motivational phrases to choose from! 

2. Gift card - I know some of you are saying “but they’re so impersonal and lame.” Hey, I can agree with you on that, but I can’t negate the fact that sometimes there are people out there that are just plain hard to buy for - and yes I am one of those people. So, take it from me. It never hurts my feelings if someone decides to take the easy way out and gets me a gift card. In fact, gift cards are probably my favorite! There is nothing like having a little extra money stashed away on a Old Navy, lululemon, or Target, etc. gift card so you can reward yourself with a new pair of workout pants or a new outfit in honor of smashing your fitness goals! 

Aaaaand the #1 gift for that awesome fit frand of yours is…...

1. A May Book!!! Seriously people. If you really want to wow your fit friend this year, then I would highly recommend getting them a personalized May Book from maydesigns.com. They have a fitness journal and nutrition planner combined into one adorable canvas notebook that fits perfectly in any purse, backpack, or duffle. Let them know you really care by personalizing their new book with whatever it is you want it to say, and choose from one of their many bold beautiful, unique patterns as your background! I have used two different May Books (calendar and fitness and nutrition journal), and I will never go back to my boring little mini spiral bound notebook for recording my meals throughout the day. What’s super cool about these is every book is one of a kind and eco-friendly! The canvas cover is water resistant and softens and wears like an old pair of jeans which adds super cute character to your book. The inside is completely customizable, and it is all handmade and stitched together old school style with heavy sewing machines (which makes for a practically indestructible book). Perhaps the BEST part is that they are handmade right here in our own Memphis, TN. So go to maydesigns.com, and get started on your design so you are sure to receive it by Christmas! 

Well there you have it people! I hope I was able to provide a few fun gift ideas for your fit fam this holiday season --- you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Whitney spends the majority of her time raising four boys with her hubs, Matt, in the Greater Memphis Area. On top of being a wife and mother of 4, she miraculously finds time to be a  Beachbody Fitness Coach, a motivational personal health and fitness coach, self-proclaimed HIIT junkie, amateur yogi, and a contributing blogger right here at luxe|wise. She is a passionate follower of Jesus who you can find and follow on her WhittFit Facebook page as well as on her Instagram.