Top Notch Tunics

Here's the shortlist of our favorite tunics to layer with that will keep your tooshies covered:

Bottom Layer | Tunic Tank


This "dress" is only $6.80 at Forever21. It comes in a myriad of colors and is fantastic for layering under those -not-quite-long-ehough shirts, sheer shirt dresses, or longline cardigans. 

Base Layer | Sleeveless Tunic


This sleeveless tunic is fantastic for you hot natured ladies who need to shed a layer or two every now and then. Pair it with a long cardigan + scarf to adjust warmth and comfort. This little number is also found at Forever21.

Midi Layer | T-shirt Tunic

These 3/4 + long sleeved linen blend tees from Old Navy are pretty stinking close to the perfect long layering tee. Comfy. Breathable. And just like everything else on this list, EXTREMELY reasonably priced.

Top Layer | Tunic Sweater

Also from ON are these long, super soft sweaters. Let's be honest, it is like a glorified sweatshirt. And we love every stitch of it.

Outer Layer | Longline Cardigan

These lighter weight cardigans from Target are some of THE softest and THE easiest to style + wear and cardigans. They're avialable in a handful of perfect neutrals, and when layered according to seasonal needs, could be worn almost year round.

We hope this list has shed light on where to shop for some staple layering items to bolster your wardrobe. If we helped you find a piece that you end up falling in love with, snap a quick selfie, share it to Instagram, and tag us with @luxewise and #luxewise! 


Leesha + Camie