Capsule Wardrobe: Winter 2015

What I've been waiting for this whole year! My Winter Capsule!!! Cardis and Beanies and Scarves, oh my!!! Oh ... and the weather forecast is 70 degrees? Say what? (Insert record screech and blank stares.)

More than any other season, I love dressing for winter ... in the Midwest. But after our recent move and trying to adjust to a slightly warmer climate, I feel like I have had the wind knocked out of my triple-layer-loving sails. I'm sure this weather has had quite a few of you scartching your heads, too! However, despite my sudden lack of inspiration, I decided to head into my closet and just quickly snatch my favs off their hangers to get my capsule base started.

If you are new to capsuling, I would suggest that you begin thinking of pairing down your wardrobe like this:  If your closet caught on fire, what items would you most assuredly attempt to save?

Getting in and getting out quick is the name of the game. You CANNOT linger! Maybe even try setting a five minute timer to grab your favorites and go.

With my newly selected base laid out on my bed, I began dissecting the flexibility of each piece and found myself saying things like "it may not ever be cold enough to wear that" or "what can layer under this so that I'm not sweaty or half naked by the end of the day" and "is it heavy enough to keep out the chill or light enough to wear under a rain jacket". Y'ALL. This mess was becoming harder than it should have been in a hurry! So I just marched myself right back into my closet to look at this:

That's it you guys. My entire wardrobe. Nothing on those top shelves. The only thing you can't see are my undies and a drawer full of my workout gear. As I stood there and stared, it dawned on me. Over the past few years, I have been honing in on and whittling down my wardrobe so that most pieces can be worn 3 out of 4 seasons. I certainly will not bring anything new in unless something(s) old are going out. All are things that I love to wear. All are things that fit me well. I have no extra bins or secondary closets full of seasonal clothes. That's it.

8 - 3/4 or long sleeved tops
12 - short sleeved tops
9 - shells or sleeveless tops
10 - pair of pants
3 - skirts
7 - dresses/tunics
5- MILLION CARDIGANS (can't stop won't stop, and we'll throw my leather jacket in this bunch)
7 - boots/booties
4 - flats
5 - sandals

Grand Total?  70 pieces. That's every kind of shoe or bottom or shirt that you could imagine for all seasons. Not too shabby in my personal opinion. Intense Minimalist Capsulists would say that you should only keep a total of 35 (or even less) items (accessories included) for year round wear. But rules are meant to be bent and broken, right? So for this season, I'm saying what the hay. I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing things a little bit differently. I'm just going to hang my handful of favorites at the front of my closet, which is what I normally do with my full capsule anyway, and give myself the freedom to handpick from the rest as the weather continues to change. I just couldn't keep it under 30 to make sure I had ALL my bases covered for every possible weather condition this season.

Now, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm only pulling a very select few items that are inspiring to me that will serve as the base of my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. 14 to be exact. Let's have a look.

I've got TWO pair of velvet moto cord pants from Banana Republic that I love that I threw into the mix this time. Here's hoping for cooler weather or I just won't be able to wear those bad boys. I also chose three different denim options, grey wash from H&M, black distressed from Target, and my go-to Rockstar distressed from Old Navy.  {PS: If you have denim that needs new life breathed into it, you should check out Tattoos n Lace for custom distressing.} chose to incorporate my pink babydoll dress from Forever21 because I needed to push my comfort zone with soft easy colors in the winter and not revert to my trusty old sweater dresses (that I would probably sweat my gourd off in anyway). Also, that little dress works well as a longer tunic top! Win win. My comfort tops are a hi-lo marled Danskin lightweight sweatshirt (from WalMart of all places), an easy dark mauve pocket tee from Target, and seriously the world's softest chambray button up from Target as well. All three of those shirts can most certainly be dressed up as well as dressed down.

Do yourself a favor and don't lump things into a "casual" category just because that's the way it's always been done. Try a flannel with your pencil skirt. You just may fall in love.

My four favorite fine knit tops for this season are a light taupey mauve crew neck from Target, a hi-lo cream drop shoulder from Forever21, a gray marled tulip hem (or side split) from Target, and a long round hem tunic sweater from Target. (Staple items from Target, people...). Fine knit tops are such a life saver in this cray cray weather for a couple of reasons. They're fine knit, so HELLO! They aren't chunky. You still get a soft sweater texture without the bulk and heat. They're also a great option to elevate your style on the days you really just want to wear a t-shirt. Reach for your easy-to-wear fine knit that is truly just as comfortable to help you stay out of that deep dark woe-is-me-I'm-just-too-frumpy pit.

And YOU GUYS! How could I forget that fabulous $5 Christmas lights turtleneck from Wally World?!?! Are you just dying? Hahahaha It's so ugly it's cute. I absolutely could NOT leave it out. And I plan on donning that bad mamma jamma for our family Christmas this year along with some flashing Christmas bulb earrings. I'm living on the wild side you guys.

Now remember, I've got 7 pair of boots/booties to rotate around which is typical for my shoe selection in a capsule. And since I work parttime for my aunt Cindy of Scooples Jewelry, jeweled accessories don't fall within my capsule guidlines since I help promote and wear new designs as we do shows. I used our move as another springboard for simplification and got rid of quite a few scarves leaving me with about 5 of my absolute favorites. If we ever drop below 50 degrees, then I'll share with you all my favorties and why!

I hope you are encouraged and inspired to keep pursuing simplification by shopping your closet and using what you already have to build a great wardrobe (then get rid of the rest, haha). Merry Christmas and Happy Capsuling, friends!

Much Love,


T H I N G S   T OR E M E M B E R

No. 1 | Shop Your Closet

Before you can effectively build your capsule, you need to know what you have and what you don't. So I would challenge you to shop your closet first and get rid of everything you don't love. Just think about how defeated you must already feel when you look into your closet and have to sort through things that you really don't enjoy or feel confident wearing. If you can't look at an article of clothing and say that you love it within three seconds, then guess what? YOU. DON'T. LOVE. IT. So bag it up and send it on to someone else who will. Let go of everything that does not serve any purpose for you size, style, and lifestyle wise. 

No. 2 | Utilize Pinterest

If you have not already, create a little Pinterest account and save all of your favorite outfit ideas to a style inspiration board. But listen to me. When you are looking at images, DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYONE ELSE'S OPINION BUT YOUR OWN. Pin the things that you are genuinely drawn to, love, and are inspired by. Once you've compiled a decent amount of pins, analyze your board. Look for common color themes to see what palettes you like the best. Look for particular items of clothing that you have pinned repeatedly. Are the things that you have pinned reflected in your closet? If not, then you know that it's probably a good idea to make an investment in those flare jeans that you pinned 8 times. And if you are just ABSOLUTELY against Pinterest, then go old school and collect your magazine clippings. Keep them in a binder or glue them to a poster board and analyze away.

No. 3 | Do NOT Be Afraid

You know that thing you apparently love because you pinned it 8 million times but you swear you would never wear something like if your life depended on it? Yeah, go try it on. Get outside of your comfort zone. Think outside of the box. Don't paralyze yourself by fretting over numbers and sizes on tags! Try. On. Everything. And just because you  may have one prefence for a certain magazine or blogger or store, do NOT limit yourself. Our bodies are constantly changing, so the tailoring of our clothes probably will too. And if you are STILL stumped, CALL US! Let's set up a consultation. We can come to your house, go shopping with you, or even consult via Skype or FaceTime. You don't have to do this alone. We would LOVE to help. And even for a little bit more inspiration, check out these videos:

crystal: deck your halls with burlap stockings

Today weve got some fun inspiration coming your way from our luxe|wise momma friend Crystal! If your holiday has been anything like mine, you barely have your tree up; lights for your house are still in the box, and anything having to do with holiday gourmet has yet to grace your cooktop. So this post is actually quite timely! Keep reading for a little insight on how to adorn your abode with your very own hand-crafted Christmas cheer.

     December is here! Time to deck the halls, trim the tree, and not go crazy with all the "to dos" on your list before the 25th hits! One of the things topping my to do list was to finally getting Christmas stockings for my family to hang up this year. 

     Almost 6 years of marriage and two kids later, my home was still lacking in some "stockings hung by the chimney with care," mostly because the ones I wanted were surprisingly expensive ($30-$50 each! Who knew?!) or too glittery and girly for my bowhunting husbands taste. So, this year I thought I struck gold when I found some stockings made from BURLAP on the internet (burlap doesn't glitter!), but they were still $55 each, and were very plain in my opinion. So, I decided rather than admit another Christmas in defeat, I could make my own stockings for my family this year.     
     Hobby Lobby to the rescue! I found four plain burlap stockings at Hobby Lobby for $5 each, some colored burlap ribbon, and some crocheted flowers to add some embellishment. Total spent- about $30. 

I borrowed some Quick Dry Tacky Glue (that dies clear) and some matching colored thread from a crafting friend of mine, and started to work! I laid out the stockings, and played with different ways to use the ribbon and flowers until I had some ideas of what I wanted to do, before I started cutting things. 

Then, I started by sewing the crocheted flowers on to the burlap ribbon for stability, and then gluing the ribbon onto the stocking. I used lots of glue, since it dries clear and flexible, and would also keep the burlap ribbon from unraveling. I covered every edge of ribbon that I cut with the glue, to keep it from unraveling as well. 

Basically, All the burlap ribbon got glued down, (very easy), and only the flowers got sewed down because I was afraid they would fall off. Once I had all four stockings pretty much done, I unraveled some of the green burlap ribbon and used it as thread to make some simple decorative stitches across the tops and sides of the stockings.

You could do as little, or as much embellishing as you wanted

or craft the stockings to look identical if that suits your family better. I didn't put our names on them because I didn't think I was that good of a sewer, but you might have lots more experience with thread than me! All in all, I am SO PLEASED with the way the stockings turned out, and my husband approves of them! They were almost worth the 6 years of waiting ;-) 

I used to be pretty intimidated by “crafting" and would never think of being able to make something instead of buying it new, but now I feel like I have broken free a little bit from expensive home magazines and can just use them to get good ideas that I can do myself  a lot more affordably!