l|w: hair color inspiration

We may not have the means necessary to do drastic house flips (even though that may be on one of our bucket lists), but we do however have the means to flip some hair! And what better time to change things up than on the cusp of changing seasons? 

We love the changes we made to our locks to liven them up. What are your inspirations? Will you go drastic this season?  Show us your new do's on social media and tag us to see: @luxewise #lwnewdo !!! And don't forget:

1. Hold loosely to your inspiration picture. It's just that. Inspiration. Draw inspiration from art and clothes and seasonal colors. Your hair is more than likely not exactly like the person in the photograph. So don't anticipate a cut or chemical process to react the same on your head of hair as that of someone else!

2. Consult with your stylist. Allow them to opportunity to educate you on your texture/color and the processes that may be better options or necessary for the style your going for. 

3. It really is just hair. It will grow back. And if it's slow growin', just buy some weave to clip in! 

Hope you have Happy Hair for the Holidays!