Low-Key V-Day

Let's channel those ...

Today I have put together an edgy, low-key Valentine’s Day look that is for the ladies out there who aren’t like suuuuper into V-day (like me) but also don’t wanna come across like a hater. With a nod to the 90’s, I curated this look from thrifted/second-hand pieces to make a very comfortable and cozy ensemble that could totally pass for a very chill Valentine’s look without being too over-the-top.

This is the type of look that I like to imagine involves pizza and a movie, and who doesn’t love that?!

*Also, I got bored with myself while shooting this look, and I made a few different looks with this: half up hair, a hat, sunnies, a side part. I mean, I have given you all a lot of different ideas with one shoot. And I wish I could have sneaked a pic of the people at the church across from the alley I was shooting in, with their noses pressed against the glass of the windows, confused looks on their faces, like, “what on earth is she DOING?” But I digress.

Part of my inspiration for this look actually came from watching the movie Clueless. Have you seen it? If you haven’t, you should, like ASAP because A. two words: Paul. Rudd. this was my introduction to him at a young age (and my life was never the same) B. the FASHION C. it is a National Treasure, in my humble opinion D. the next thing I am going to say will make zero sense, which is: I think that if Cher and Josh really ended up together, and they had a baby girl, she would wear something like this later on. Cher’s over the knee socks with Josh’s plaid shirts are oddly made for each other! I enjoy how there is a fun pull of masculine and feminine pieces going on here. The edgy boots and masculine shirt are complemented with the feminine florals and over-the-knee socks.

Some of you may be not super into the idea of floral and plaid together, and I totally understand that. One thing I am well-known for, sartorially speaking, is mixing prints. By the way, if you are ever wanting to branch out with mixing prints, a safe bet is always stripes and florals. When mixing two prints like florals and plaids, always make sure there are a few common colors in both prints (or a common color scheme), so it looks put together. Everything else should be toned down so the outfit sticks out, which is why I went for simple socks/boots/makeup.

I picked up the dress and the western plaid shirt at my local Goodwill. I can’t remember what I gave for them, but it wasn’t much because I usually look for the colors that are half price that day. The boots are second-hand, leather Vince Camuto’s I scored at Plato’s Closet in brand-new condition a few years back. The green leather bag I bought on a trip last year to Florence, Italy, and the sunnies I brought home from Ireland a few years back. The most expensive thing about this outfit is the boots, and I am pretty sure I gave $15 for them. So there you have it, a fun look in time for V-day that isn’t too lovey dovey and certainly will not break your bank. I hope you enjoyed this.

Now go make your own look to go with
the type of Valentine’s Day you’re into. :)