Justine: Before + After

For This Makeover Monday...

... I had the absolute pleasure of spending the majority of the day with one of my other childhood best friends (Jeff), his wife, and their two kids. We caught up on life, talked about good food (then ate some great food at Hog & Hominy), drank some good coffee, laughed about how ridiculously mean we were in high school, wondered how we stayed friends, then laughed more and decided that we were glad we did stay friends after all.

One of the highlights was getting a window of time to just talk with Justine, Jeff's wife. We retreated to my bathroom, umm I mean my STUDIO, and spent some time talking about our aging skin and what we REALLY need to take care of it and still look healthy. Answer: Whole foods, plenty of water, and just a dab of skin care products here and there. 

For Justine, she wanted to know quick simple tricks to help amp her game up when she's at art shows or meeting with clients. For starters, she has a KILLER pixie cut which is extremely versatile. Add texture in it with a small curling wand, let it air dry for natural texture, flat iron for more sleek smoothes looks, etc. So hair was an easy fix.

Makeup wasn't too far of a stretch for her like she might have anticipated. She already owned a few staple items that actually fit her style needs quite perfectly. A beautiful pigment by MAC, another shadow or two from Urban Decay for some contouring in the eye area, a great black liquid liner. All great things. But the one thing that really makes those few things get work done, is simply evening out complexion. We both rolled our eyes at adult acne. But an easy way to combat those random blemishes is to conceal AND treat with medicated coverup, THIS ONE by Almay in particular. And then we used IT Cosmetics CC Cream foundation to smoothe everything out. The trick for Justine that she was looking for is found in BB (or CC) creams, because they give JUST enough coverage to still look natural, but also have amazing benefits for moisturization and anti-againg for our not-quite-that-young skin. OF COURSE, I used the ByeBye Undereye concealer by IT, and a little bit of bronzer, blush, and highlight for a subtle healthy contour.

Justine is an artist, (you can find her spunky, imaginative, beautiful work at www.thedenarchive.com) so it was fun to see the Ahha! moments in her artist brain about the difference that a little bit of highlight and contour actually do make on your face. Cheers to you, momma, for being just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside, for raising two sweet, beautiful kids, and for putting up with and loving on Jeff for this long. ;) Our time together was too short, and I will be looking forward to the next!

Much love,


Products Used:

BB Cream - IT Cosmetics OR Garnier
Undereye Concealer - IT Cosmetics OR Maybelline
Blemish Concealer - Almay
Blush/Bronzer -
Eye shadow - MAC pigment
Eye shadow - Urban Decay
Eyeliner - KatVonD
Mascara - Covergirl
Brushes!!! - Amazon.com

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