Jared + Julie Photography

We love Julie Morr (ok, and her husband Jared, too) and want to give her mad props (that are LONG overdue) for all of the hard work she has done for us. So we are going to dote on this girl BIG TIME and tell you what we love about her:

                               photo courtesy of Deidre Lynn Photography

Julie has a way of making you feel 110% comfortable in front of the camera. I (Leesha) am NO model, and quite frankly HATE attention (walking down the aisle on my wedding day...*shudder*). She can tell you exactly how to stand, where to look, how to place your hand, etc., until you are starting to feel like this is your JOB. Basically, this gal, knows. her. stuff. 

Julie doesn't merely dole out encouragement to her clients simply to capture a good frame. Her heart is to truly invest in them so that no one leaves their time together unchanged. Her goal is to serve her clients well as they entrust seasons and moments of their lives to be captured by her hand and eye.

Take a look around at all of the pictures on our site. While Julie has a keen eye for editing, these pictures are untouched. THAT is how talented she is. She knows how to use lighting to her advantage and even manipulate it when needed. When she DOES edit, however, it is NEVER overdone. Her work is light, airy, and natural. She truly captures her subject(s) as the focal point. Her work and her subject matter are both honest and true. To stay updated on the goings-on of Jared + Julie Photography, make sure you like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @jaredjuliephoto !

Julie was able to catch our vision for luxe|wise and deliver impeccably. If it weren't for her friendship, talent, and hard work, you would not have been able to see luxe|wise how we have always dreamed it. She played a major role in setting our vision in motion (literally with our promo video) to present our dreams FOR you TO you! We love you, Julie, and you have our deepest gratitude.