Follow Friday: WhittFit

Confession:  I (Camie) am a CrossFitter.

I know, I know. Shock of the century. Ha! But because of its seemingly overwhelming nature and a slightly negative stigma that comes along with CrossFit, I have really stayed away from writing about my fitness regimen because I don't want people to be turned off of luxe|wise because of it. I also don't feel 100% confident in fielding questions or criticisms on all things CrossFit because I am not a professional or even competitive CrossFit athlete. I'm not fanatical, but I really do enjoy it!   Even though I am extremely passionate about maintaining a healthful lifestyle, it has been hard to write about and incorporate those types of things into luxe|wise without spreading myself incredibly thin ...

... And in walks Whitney Marcuzzo. I've known Whitney since high school (or junior high? or Girls Club softball???), and since moving to Olive Branch, we have reconnected via social media BECAUSE I joined a prayer group for her precious little boy then stumbled across her personal training page. Then bible verses from her timeline started popping up in my news feed, and I was just like ... alright. I got it, God. She's amazing, and I need to talk to her again. After seeing how INSANELY FIT and BUBBLY and ENCOURAGING and DEDICATED this girl is, I knew she could do for luxe|wise what I can't right now. She makes snippet videos of daily workouts and puts them right there in front of you, right in your lap (literally if you're on a laptop) and makes seemingly hard workouts TOTALLY approachable! I love that she breaks all the movements down and encourages people to do the work at home. So do you hear what I'm getting at you guys? You don't HAVE to join a box (a CrossFit gym) or be super buff and lift craptons of weight to get a jumpstart on excellent exercise. And in order to communicate that and get the message out to more people, Whitney will be teaming up with us here at luxe|wise (YAY!!!) to get more info and workouts to you to make doing hard work far more approachable for those of us who may find ourselves intimidated by exercise. We are beyond stoked about the fitness and nutrition content that we are going to be able to get out there to all you luxeyloos with Whitney joining our Contributing Blogger Team. So go show Whitney some love, welcome her to the team, and follow her to see how legit this chick is!

You Can Find Her At:
Instagram | @wmarcuzzo