Follow Friday: Pallets (+ Hair) by Leesha

TGIF Friends! Today we're gonna feature co-founder and contributing blogger, Leesha! Keep on reading to discover more about her passions that have become her livelihood!

My love for "lettering" began way back in high school. Taking notes and making them visually appealing both helped me pay attention AND made it easier to look back at them. I never realized that it was a form of art until after my one year of college.

For me, drawing words has always been relaxing. I would draw in journals, my Bible, on paper, for decor, etc. Most of my drawing was personal, but every once in a while I would be asked to write something for an event, a sign, a production, or a presentation.

 A friend of mine had asked me to paint a Bible verse onto a wall hanging for her baby boys nursery several years ago. Again, they asked for one to hang in their living room. After making a few as gifts for my own family, I realized these pallets were something people loved.

With the help of my husband, and a few power tools, we came up with our little process of tearing apart pallets, cutting to size, putting back together, sand, stain, paint!

We do mostly custom orders, but will occasionally post pre-made items on our Facebook page! Some of my favorite orders have been ones that customers suggest. If you don't see what you're wanting pictured, we can work back and forth pinpointing exactly what you have in mind! Along with our normal pallets, we've done frames, pallets with frames, American flags, clocks, and more!

I love being able to be creative and do what I enjoy while also creating the perfect personal piece for my customers!

Apart from being a busy stay-at-home momma of one sweet Maddox boy and baby2 on the way, Leesha heads up not only her pallet business but also her in-home salon business as well. Leesha has been practicing her cosmetology from within the walls of her home since her son Maddox was born. So you guys, if you need some sweet home decor or your hair taken care of within the comfort of a home, look Leesha up! If there ever was a #girlboss, it's her! Don't forget to follow Hair by Leesha and Pallets by Leesha on Facebook and maybe even get some Christmas shopping done!