Before & After: Skye

***Disclaimer: I stole this picture from Skye. Because I just want you guys to know that Skye knows how to be ON FLEEK! And she's got a good grasp on products that work well for her (and filters that make her "on fleek" go to 100 million percent cause she's a photographer!!!)  Skye doesn't need me, but she obliged to the before and after because she's sweet like that, and sometimes it's good to see different ways to use the good products and give yourself a "makeunder" to see how to make the most of the least amount of products! (The most from the least, that's what God does.) So here we go.***

SKYE! Aunt Skye! (Uncle Scott per the Caffee Kids.) This girl... (is on fiyaaaaaa.)

It's been a challenge to put in to words what this chick means to me. I've never had a sister. I know, I know. Some of you are gasping because of all I missed out on in life. But really, I have an amazing older brother. AND God has graciously given me friendships throughout the years that have functioned as sweet sisterhood would/should. 
Skye came into my life when I didn't even know I was going to need the help she has given. See, God always does that. He is always, ALWAYS, working to meet our needs before we are even aware that we have them. So in a season where our extended family became unavailable for support due to distance and turbulent circumstances, God literally plopped Skye smack-dab in the middle of our little family, and we haven't looked back since.  We were in a pinch for a sitter one night, and our precious mutual friend Sarah hooked us up at the last minute. I think that it was literally like the last 30 minutes before we had to leave, and she showed up.

That's what Skye does. She shows up. She advocates. She works hard. She graciously critiques because she supports relentlessly. She is straight cray, which is why we're family, duh. And she is insanely passionate about God at work in this world and the part she gets to play in His story. There is much more to say, and I'm keeping it close to me until the time is right and a more apropos post comes along. (*cough* one is coming so soon *cough cough* *hint hint*)

For her makeover, we just went light and natural. (Cause when do I not?) We just wanted to do a new take on a clean everyday look that's appropriate for the workplace. To get her fresh-faced looked, we used all of these products:


Peter Lamas | Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster
IT Cosmetics | ByeBye Foundation - light
Urban Decay | NAKED Skin One&Done Complexion Perfector - medium light
IT Cosmetics | ByeBye UnderEye concealer - light
NYX | Photo HD Concealer - light
Maybelline | Superstay Better Skin concealer - light
MaskCara | IIID Foundation palette - white peach, walnut
Lorac | Pro Contour Palette
IT Cosmetics | Face Vitality Disk - light
Urban Decay | Naked2 palette
Black Opal | Color Splurge Satin Matte shadow - black shock
e.l.f. | Intense Ink eyeliner - black
Rimmel | Lash Accelerator mascara - black
Maybelline | Falsies PushUp Drama mascara - black

We may have done simple and natural, but THERE IS A ROUND TWO COMING BABY! There's A LOT more smize where that came from, as you can see from the above picture that I stole.
And I couldn't be more excited to have Skye in my chair and in my life!

Thanks for hanging with us today! It'd be a blast if it were real life. (and it can be if you'd schedule your own before and after session!)

And as always, MUCH LOVE-