2015 Favorites!

Holy cow. It is 2016. And we missed the last three months of favorites, so why not just lump the last three posts into one to finish out the year and call it done? And let's just talk about our favorite E'RYTHANG! Here are the top 6 things that we have been using on-the-daily in 2015:

1. It Cosmetics ByeBye Undereye concealer. || Does this not go without saying? The coverage. The longwearability (if that's even a word). The bang for your buck. The benefits. The results.  Even if you don't wear any other makeup, concealing your undereye area improves your complexion and overall look. So if you choose not to invest in anything else this year, let this be the one thing! Grab some.

2. LAVANILA deoderant. || So you want to do a cleanse and be healthy this year? Don't forget your pits! There are so many great scents to choose from (and even a fragrance free option.) No aluminum. No parabens. No sweat! "100% healthy" and even vegan. Grab some.

3. Carol's Daughter hair products. || Originally targeting frizzy, curly natural hair types, these products have grown to cover issues for relaxed, damaged or healthy hair types. No matter the color of your skin, hair is hair, and they've got you covered. They've also got CRAZY good deals going with their products and gift sets on the site right now. Grab some.

4. Chaturanga Tights from Athleta.com. || How can a pair of TIGHTS make horizontal stripes look SO good?!?! They come in all different colors and patterns. But these puppies have become my new fav compression tights to wear for CrossFit. They hold it all in. Don't cause muffin top. Don't budge an inch doing box jumps, toes to bar, full depth squats, etc. AND... AND!!! They are super stylish. So not only are they keeping you looking legit in the gym, BUT ALSO you will be wanting to wear these out y'all. Athleisure wear at its finest. Throw them in an everyday outfit, and some people may not even realize you're wearing your workout gear. Grab some.

5. NuMe curl jam wand set. || You can find this bundle ALL OVER the place. numeproducts.com amazon.com hautelook.com costco.com ... Shop around, and you will find that you can get this bundle for a STEAL! With the varying sizes in barrels AND a straightener in the set, you can create just about any look or texture that you need for ALLLLL different styles/textures of hair. It has replaced every hot tool for me. Grab some.

6. Asics Gel Fit Sana trainers (for CrossFit). || After going through 3 different pairs of trainers (even ones marketed specifically as "CrossFit metcons" or trainers), I landed on these bad boys as the surprising winners of absolutely most comfortbale athletic shoe I have ever worn. Not overstating. Ever. I have long skinny feet with slightly higher arches, and these shoes hug my feet like a glove. They support so well without feeling rigid. They move and breathe without flopping around or falling off. They weigh a grand total of 5 oz.! As they say on the website, breaking a sweat has never been more comfortable. I couldn't agree more. Grab some.

Thanks for hanging with us in 2015!!! We look forward to what God has in store for us in 2016. Happy New Year friends! We love you!