Luxe Why's

Let's start off by setting the record straight. We believe that the way you and your “things” look on the outside isn’t nearly as important as the appearance of your heart.  We believe that God has placed within us all, and specifically as women, an innate desire for beauty; and not just pursuing beauty in general but more so a desire to DISPLAY it.

Whether you believe in God or not, that desire to exemplify attractiveness is still there. And thanks to our selfishness paired with cultural pressures, our intentions and pursuits of beauty get skewed. We start thinking that beauty and fashion are THE GOAL. But we want to encourage those of you whose lives get to touch ours for brief moments, that these things aren’t the end. However, they can be used as the means of creativity and giving glory to God for HIS creating beauty in and through us. So if we could look at your heart, would people see a woman who desires to make much of herself, or would they see a woman who desires to make much of her God through what He has graciously given her?

If we are all honest, we have to confess that we get tripped up. We compare ourselves to other people. We start spending in excess. We think that chasing after these external, material things will satisfy us and make us feel complete. But by God’s grace He has exposed these lies and unhealthy mindsets in our (your luxe|wise designers) lives. We quickly realized that this is an area that MANY women struggle with. And again if those women were honest, they struggle with letting themselves shop for makeup, or get into fashion, because they start worshiping created things instead of the Creator. 

We want to see people set free from competition, comparison, and jealousy.
— Camie Risinger

Well, beauty and fashion and decor within a healthful lifestyle are things that we are passionate about. So in order for these things to no longer be a stumbling block for others (or a point of contention, or a mind-boggling experience), we decided to SERVE by alleviating the pressures it could have on our friends and family by doing the footwork for them. For you!

We believe that we’ve been called to be MODEST and diligent, yet creative and courageous with what God has entrusted to us: our bodies, our gifts/talents, our homes, our money, our children, our spouses … because really and truly, it’s not ours. It’s all HIS. We believe God gave us this vision to understand that modesty and beauty aren’t just about clothing and fashion. (Try reading THIS article from our friend Bird In A Tree for some encouragement.) Modesty and Beauty are about your heart and your motivations in your dressing and spending and decorating and loving OTHERS (not self) well.

All in all, we hope to be a mouthpiece used to communicate grace, truth, and courage in the how’s and why’s of luxe health, home decor and fashion while helping you spend your time and money modestly, all to the glory of our Creator!